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The old Fairfax Courthouse is now available to the public after 60 years of limited access

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. . . that the old Fairfax Courthouse is located 15 miles east of Washington DC, a day’s ride by horseback.

. . . that the Fairfax Courthouse, originally called Providence, and Washington DC were twin cities built at the same time: 1800.

. . . that President George Washington’s Will was probated in 1800 after his death and First Lady Martha Washington’s Will was probated there after her death in 1802.

. . . that during the Civil War the Fairfax Courthouse changed hands between the North and the South several times.

. . . that George Washington’s Will was buried by the Clerk of the Court and later returned after the Civil War.

. . . that Martha Washington’s Will was lost during the Civil War, found, sold to J. P. Morgan and the US Supreme Court got involved in order for J. P. Morgan's descendants to relent and return it in 1915.

. . . that the old Fairfax Courthouse is located at 4000 Chain Bridge Road, Fairfax, Virginia 22030. It was an active courthouse for over 160 years and has been closed to the public since the 1960’s except for limited access.

. . . although better known for the drafting of the Virginia Bill of Rights, George Mason served as a justice in Fairfax County and presided over a variety of matters. His Will is at the old Fairfax Courthouse.

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