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Jenee Lindner is a historian, lecturer and northern Virginia history consultant. She is member of the Historic Fairfax City, Inc. Board and is chair of the old Town City of Fairfax Walking tours. She is currently on the Fairfax City Sesquicentennial Civil War Committee, Historic Fairfax City, Inc. Board and Historical Society of Fairfax County Board. She gives historical talks and living history presentations as Julia Ward Howe, lyrist for the Battle Hymn of the Republic, Clara Barton, founder of the American Red Cross and Sarah Tracy, the Mount Vernon Lady who keep it preserved as neutral territory during the Civil War.

She was an interpreter at Mount Vernon, Home to George and Martha Washington. She has been on the Fairfax Station Railroad Museum Board, Lincoln at the Crossroads Alliance Committee and was one of the founders of the Franconia VA Historical Museum. In 2012, she was Chair: “150th Year Anniversary of the Fairfax Station Medical Evacuation during the Civil War and Clara Barton, later founder of the American Red Cross.”

She founded and chaired an organization called the Learning Foundations of Metropolitan Washington, Inc. in partnership with the Krasnow Institute at George Mason University. Two private high schools were created - Commonwealth Academy in Alexandria, Virginia and the GW Community School in Springfield, Virginia. They are still in existence today. She lobbied for the Virginia Charter School Bill and two years ago, the Resident Museum Curator Bill. She has an MA from Stanford University in Education.

Board Member:

John Murphy is a historian, lecturer and retired corporate attorney. He is a Board member of the Friends of Fairfax Station, Historic Fairfax City, Inc., the Grounds Committee of Historic St. Mary of Sorrows Church and the Father Corby Division of the Ancient Order of Hibernians. He does living history presentations as a Civil War soldier and a Fairfax County lawyer.

He is a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, California, Connecticut and Federal Bars. His areas of interest include the Civil War, particularly its legal aspects and the Irish participation, and U.S. Constitutional History.

He is currently a part-time Volunteer Ranger at the Manassas National Battlefield Park and Mediator, certified by the Virginia Supreme Court. In 2012, he was Chair: " Remembering Their Sacrifice: The 150th Anniversary of Clara Barton's Administering to the Wounded and Dying at St. Mary's Church after the Second Battle of Manassas.” He has an MS in Chemical Engineering from USC and a JD (Law Degree) from Loyola University.

Board Member:

Eric Snyder is Chairman of the Downtown Fairfax Coalition and the Old Town Fairfax Business Association. His and his wife have run for several years the Fairfax City Farmer’s Markets.

Owner Eric C Snyder PC. Numerous projects in Old Town Fairfax converting existing buildings to retail space. Commercial property owner in Old Town Fairfax. Involved in a variety of business development projects centered in the City of Fairfax. He has an MS in Architecture from Virginia Tech University, College of Architecture.

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